Mongolia Bike Challenge - The Last few days

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Mongolia Bike Challenge...the last few days

I don't even know what day it is as I write this, I just know that I no longer have to pedal my bike on Mongolian soil for the rest of our trip. The race is over.

How did I fare? Well to be honest it was a lot of hard work and fierce competition from up front and from behind. I finished 4th overall in the females yet I am pleased to say that my tolerance to pain and ability to come good improved a lot. My time gaps to Erin Greene who

Day 6 & 7 in Mongolia - Stage 3 & 4

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Day 6 in Mongolia – Bigger than yesterday!
Stage 3

On paper todays stage was 148km
2000mts of climbing including the final 28km being a long climb to the finish which is nearly at 2000mts above sea level.

We had some rain last night and even as the sun was setting the thunder was clapping loudly over the range. Whilst our rain appeared to be negligable, the excess water on the lumpy bumpy roads would deliver proof that it did in fact rain.

I felt reasonably good to start with and stayed with the front group for at least 5km before

Day 4 in Mongolia - Race day no.1

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Day 4 – Finally I get to race the Mongolia Bike Challenge

For those who want to know, the facts on todays stage:
Stage 1- Sunday 1st September 2013
Start at the Chinggis Khan statue, 7:30am.
Distance 120km
Elevation Gained 2900mts

It was cold this morning, breakfast was bland sultana bran yet still I was eager to just get started and see what it would feel like to hurt, it feels like its been so long since I have suffered in a race...I mean really suffered. Maybe the last time was Terra Australis back in 2011 with Brad Davies?

24 hr racing hurts,

Day 5 in Mongolia

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Day 5 – Longer than yesterday, less climbing and Faster!
Mongolia Bike Challenge

The facts on todays stage:
Stage 2- Monday 2nd September 2013
Start at the Chinggis Khan statue, 7:30am.
Distance 126km
Elevation Gained 2240mts

Lots to do this morning, pack bags, get ready, eat breakfast, go to the toilet, brush teeth, prepare self for racing...all in about 1hr.
Am I sore from yesterday? Not noticeably, but time will tell once I am back on the bike.
We get our bags packed and loaded and I go up to the start line.

I forgot to mention that Norm is fully helping out with the media

Day 2 in Mongolia

good morning UB

What did the morning bring?

Looking out the window to the landscape below my brain was trying to analyse some sort of system or code to the environment.

I've never travelled to a place like this, for those that have visited Vietnam or India would possibly not have been as confused as me.

A Russian vibe, with old USSR structure and regimented design, with a mild Asian undertone and then some Western influence but with a third world backdrop. No matter where I looked, the mixed palete of trends was there. So I just sort of accepted it. Its just

Day 3 In Mongolia - time to get to the race start!

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Day 3 In Mongolia, Transport to Race Start – Chinggis Khan Statue

Last night in the hotel, we had the race briefing and got to casually find out about the other competitors and their companions if they brought them.
We also got told we need to bring ONE bag only per person – ouch!
With all of the extra bits and pieces we needed to bring plus our roll up mattresses and sleeping bags, nutrition, bottles, warm gear, cold gear, toiletries was a big task.
This morning we decided to go through our bags, turf out the non essentials and leave them