Hellfire Cup has been done! (6)

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My trip to Tassie – Hellfire Cup

Hellfire cup was originally meant to be held on the Australia Day long weekend in January earlier this year, but unfortunately mother nature breathed fire down the very region that would be holding the event, leaving it unfeasable and certainly unsafe for us to race let alone camp and have fun in the area. Bad luck for the race, the organisers and local tourism, but with the postponement put forward to late November, surely the timing would be good, albeit a bit busy on the schedule?

Well...no...the weather went exactly the opposite, rain

My best 24hr EVER! how the race was won.

start line

And its time to hurt... In some way it was good to get called up last in the Elite field and take my spot where it suited.
I got to sit in behind a bunch in the middle, I did not want to be boxed in on the inside and made a concious decision to search for gaps and get away from wheels that would hinder me.

The start was a quick spin around the crit track with an exit up a fire road that would take us to Cockatoo switchbacks entrance. I felt good, yet had no idea that

Nearly there...race day looming

Indoor Training

The Build

As I said in the last blog post, these events are always a tick box of processes to follow.
Everything from packing your gear, nutrition, lights to booking accommodation, riding the trails, delivering on media commitments and getting sleep!

When I got back from Mongolia after being sick and then after some R & R in Townsville, I only had 3.5 weeks to build form for the Worlds. Mongolia built form nicely, then I got sick, then I lost about 3kg in about 4 days and then I spent the rest of the time enjoying the sunshine and riding

WEMBO World Solo 24hr Championships - Canberra 2013 the history


The longer I leave this post race recollection, the harder it gets, so many various stories have entered my mind on how to retell this journey I have been on.

Perhaps I will start at the very very start, just briefly.

To remind you my reader, I first got excited about riding and racing back in late 1992 when Norm and I moved to the Gold Coast. Norm's brother, Rick, had a few mountain bikes and lived in Nerang. We went for a ride in Nerang State Forest on some trails and whilst I was totally scared and did cry

Rest Recovery and Friendship in Townsville

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Rest and Recovery in Townsville
Arriving back from Mongolia last week in Melbourne on Tuesday 10th September, I had more work to do before checking into my hotel room and then flying the next morning out to Townsville.
Norm helped me re pack my bags, bike bags and road bike so that I could leave my Mongolia gear behind with him to take home to Forrest.

I could not fathom going home first with a 2hr drive home, 2hrs back to airport. It was far easier to just stay here.

What made things a little on the tough side was that since

Riding the Lust 27.5 2

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Riding the Lust 27.5 2

A couple of years ago, I loved my 26” Anthem Advanced SL 0 – black stealthness it was the bomb.
I even won the WEMBO 24hr Solo champs in Italy on 2 of these awesome bikes in May 2012.
I did however have a XTC 29'er in my stable as well, racing this for marathon style events and shorter races.

What I loved mostly about the 26” bikes I owned was their ability to ride with me on the trail.

Me and the bike, we just rode, changed direction, sped up, climbed hard, accelerated quick, jumped, mono hopped,