Could I actually become an Aussie 24hr champion again?

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Norm and I have been living in Geelong for near on five weeks now…and Life Is Good.

Better than its been …forever!

If you have been following the things I have been up to, you would know that the past 12-18 months has been a little crazy, ups and downs all over the place, busy with our businesses, not really able to settle into a happy place within myself, yet continuing on regardless because thats how you get stuff done.

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We are now at the end of April 2015 and I can look back at what I have

Times of Change

spa ride with friends

Its been ages, the longest break yet since I have felt like writing.

There is so much to let you know…and if you have ever lost the passion for riding and racing your bike, perhaps you might understand?

Since December, since the Forrest Festival and then going to Mt Buller the very next day, its been on 110%, well its been on since well before then. 
I do not want to spend too much time tonight going into great depths of my daily stresses, except to say I am working my way out of it, the feeling of not being able

The future looks BRIGHT!


Since winning the Scott 24hr back in September I have not been idle, just on the blog front!

I often get asked how long does it take to recover from a 24hrs, well I am always back on the bike as soon as I can, but it feels like my brain and legs don't align. Brain says ride hard, legs feel laboured, not sore, but below par.

So on that note, I just do not know how Jason English won the Scott 24hr one week, then 2 weeks later won the WEMBO 24hr Champs in Scotland!
I did watch that with

Scott 24hr 2014 - chapter 2

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As we drove from our accommodation to Mt Stromlo I found it really challenging to connect my current existence in the world right now with the fact that in a couple of hours I would be racing a 24hr, for 24 hours!

Again, I had this familiar feeling with being pregnant and suddenly realising that I was going to give birth, for real. This baby inside me was going to be outside of me via giving birth – brain overload! No more thinking, I was just going to let nature take its course.

This is how I felt on the

Soulful September

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I have had a very memorable September.

The month started out with a cold, running nose, breathing that was laboured and that sinus pain behind the eyes.
My riding continued and I managed to win the Beechworth Six Hours in The Saddle on the 30th August, against someone who would become my competition yet again later in the month.

On return of the 6hr in Beechworth, I was defintely tired and sore, a fun technical course though tough on the body for 6hrs. Perhaps my cold had something to do with it, but I did not really recover well from that

More Sun, Less Rain...Beechworth 6hr

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Even though its just gone Spring, the wintery days are still here and I really don't mind.

August 2014 has geniunely been good to me.

Instead of training indoors and getting cranky at doing so I spent my days working in the morning, hopping on my hardtail in the afternoon and riding into the twilight clocking up 2-300km of riding outdoors mostly on gravel roads.

A few road races on weekends with Colac, Geelong, Ballarat and the Colac Vets ending with a trip to Beechworth for the Six Hours in the Saddle mountain bike enduro.

I had been so good