Fun times and more to come in 2011



Last update was 4 weeks ago!


Because I have been so busy living life to the fullest.

Yep, I have procrastinated getting back into training for something, but it has left me with time and endless opportunities to ride, run, hang out with friends and start the process of learning how to paddle and become a better swimmer.

2011 is just around the corner and it wont be long before I need to get a little more serious.

So what have I been doing?

Social rides, Anaconda Adventure race at Lorne in a team, Giant Women's social ride,

Post Worlds - What does one do?


Its been 7 weeks now since I won the World SOLO 24hr MTB Champs in Canberra.

You can do a lot in that time if you want, or not much at all...

Personally I have been UP..and then DOWN...and then UP again.  So much energy went into the win that I think I am some sort of post even depression or lack of future direction?!?
In fact, I did predict that there was a chance I would feel this way, but there is no way you can prepare for it, you have just got to ride the waves.

So instead of

Giant Demo Day

Back on the 14th of November, myself and Norm headed down to the You Yangs to help out with the Giant Demo Day.

What a weekend.

The day before we had run a MTBSkills course in Forrest in the rain with a great bunch of people.

You Yangs was rain free on Sunday thankfully.

Norm and I got the chance to ride with a few of the crew taking out demo bikes as well.

...and finally I got to take out the Anthem 29'er.  Big wheels take a bit of getting used to and in the meantime I am still

Australian Mountain Bike Magazine cover


So here it is...

Post Worlds 24hr Solo win in October, and thanks to the great shot from Krystal Wright and the journalistic talent of Vanessa Murray, there is a "cover girl" on AMB!

I do believe it is out on or around Nov 24th 2010.

Thank you everyone for all your support and well wishes before during and after this crazy event that I am still recovering from!

World 24 Hour Solo Champs - Part 2

Jess at the start

Follows on from Part 1

Part 2 – What happens on race day…ends up getting told eventually (but I will hold back a few secrets!)

The World SOLO 24hr Championships were held in Canberra at Mt Stromlo on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th October.

CORC helped run the event for promoter 24hrs of Adrenalin.

The previous 3 years I have raced at Stromlo in the Scott 24hr on this same weekend, so being here felt like I was coming home for a roast dinner!

In 2007 Norm and I raced a mixed pair and came 3rd.  2008 and 2009 I

2010 World Solo 24hr Champ - a Long awaited goal reached!


A long awaited goal reached…now what to do?

Let me tell you the quick version of how I became the World 24hr Solo MTB Champion in 2010.

Before I can tell you how I won the 2010 World 24 hour champs, I need to explain how I even got to be in a position to even consider winning.  Here's my story.