The Trip to Mongolia - 28th August 2013

Roadie in the snow at Mt Buller

The trip to Mongolia has been long, not in time really, just in the journey.
This started last week as we prepared for a big chunk of time away.
I had to pack for 2 days riding my road bike and doing businesses at Mt Buller.
Then the massive task of working out what to bring for the Mongolia Bike Challenge.
And then what I would need for Townsville the very next day after my return. And then with a quick trip home off to Canberra and then after that a quick trip to Port Macquarie for more training...and then home for a few

Old Advice & Still totally relevant...


Written back in late 2009...this is still as relevant today as it was nearly 4 years ago!

We are all capable of learning and we are all in need of a reminder from time to time how to get results and reach our goals.

This was something I wrote down to briefly explain how I manage my life on and off the bike.

Jess Douglas’s Golden Rules to continued growth and success.

  1. The "1%" rule. 
    1 ride at a time, 1 day at a time, 1 week at a time, 1 month at a time, improve 1 thing at a time

My Trip to France - Mont Ventoux

Topbike Tour group at Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux – just another hill climb until it delivered one amazing experience....

Recently I had the marvellous opportunity to join TOPBIKE Tour's Tour de France hills preview cycling holiday.

When I was younger sometime around 21 years ago, I promised myself I would do a 3 month cycling tour of Europe with Norm by the time I turned 40.
Well its 2013, in February I turned 40...Europe Cycling tour had not occurred and being busy with multiple businesses to look after was now the priority.

It wasn't until Dave Olle from TBT was in Forrest one sunny day in early

The REAL me.

life is good

Every day passes by so quickly, I recall the days as a child when a day would last forever and school holidays felt like an entire year!
I turned 40 this year, Norm will be turning 43, our daughter Saskia turned 19 and left home last week and I often do not know what day it is, what the actual date is and what is even in my diary to achieve tommorrow.  I just wing it, I just go to bed, wake up, do what needs to be done and somehow life just unfolds.

I recall back in my 20's I

K.I.D.'S Foundation Ride & Forrest 6hr

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So much time passes far too quick, and then I am a month down the track...

Creative juices must flow to write for me, I really don't enjoy writing a race report for the sake of advising my readers what I have been up to.

Today, rather than wait for creativity, I am going to let it flow...

since my last update about the 24hr Road race in Western Australia much has been ridden or raced.
I got back from the 24hr with a sore knee, sore bits, tired body but a glow inside that I really enjoyed that event, I

Delirium 24hr Cycle Race - April 20-21st 2013

course preview

24hr Delirium – Cycle Race

Cowaramup, Western Australia

Sat 20th – Sun 21st April 2013

I came to Western Australia on Thursday last week, knowing full well I had a 24hr road race to ride on the weekend.

I had talked about it, planned for it, spent loads of money getting here, had tantrums and fights with Norm about the hows and whats, and now I was here...and I was still just thinking, “yep, 24hrs on the road bike, not sure whats going to happen, not sure how its going to pan out, Norm, no matter how much we plan we