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K.I.D.'S Foundation Ride & Forrest 6hr

05 June 2013
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So much time passes far too quick, and then I am a month down the track...

Creative juices must flow to write for me, I really don't enjoy writing a race report for the sake of advising my readers what I have been up to.

Today, rather than wait for creativity, I am going to let it flow...

since my last update about the 24hr Road race in Western Australia much has been ridden or raced.
I got back from the 24hr with a sore knee, sore bits, tired body but a glow inside that I really enjoyed that event, I loved the suffereing and what it renewed in me.

As scary as it is to admit sometimes, I love it, the suffering, and the longer the better. In the end, the win is awesome, its the icing on the cake for the hard work, but to be honest the hurt and being pushed to my limits is kind of what my search in a race is all about.

It helps me grow, it teaches me to be grateful for what I have, it teaches me that life is easier than I think and that problems or hurdles are in fact

Delirium 24hr Cycle Race - April 20-21st 2013

23 April 2013
course preview

24hr Delirium – Cycle Race

Cowaramup, Western Australia

Sat 20th – Sun 21st April 2013

I came to Western Australia on Thursday last week, knowing full well I had a 24hr road race to ride on the weekend.

I had talked about it, planned for it, spent loads of money getting here, had tantrums and fights with Norm about the hows and whats, and now I was here...and I was still just thinking, “yep, 24hrs on the road bike, not sure whats going to happen, not sure how its going to pan out, Norm, no matter how much we plan we

Bike Buller MTB Festival - March 9, 10 & 11th - 2013

13 March 2013
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The Giant “gigantic” Mt Buller Bike Buller Festivus!
March 9th 10th & 11th - 2013

This is the 5th year of doing this amazing event and it does keep getting better and better.
3 events over 3 days. These are tough races and I personally know of people who took twice as long as I did to finish, but still completed every single race.

2013 I had planned to use this as a great way to get some hills in the legs, spend a week here before hand and ride the event tired and with many miles done already.

Over late February I

Failing helps you work out what your next step should be

05 March 2013
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I have always used the annual Otway (now Kona) Odyssey as my gauge to see where my form is at every year.
This year was my 7th time in doing the 100km MTB Marathon event.

However this time was a tad different. 
Numerous events had taken place in the last year leaving me with some altered perspective on what was priority and what would just have to make do.

Norm and I were delightfully exhausted from running The Corner Store in Forrest which opened on 1st November in 2012.  Training was sporadic and we were also still running MTBSkills in all corners

Always the Deep thinker...but when you dig a bit deeper you find treasures that others give up on

10 January 2013
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A reflection on the year that has been, 2012...and what is to come of 2013?

We are all asking this every January of every new year.
In 2012, I achieved so much and crammed in so much more than I ever thought or dreamt that I could do.
Racing and achieving grand results, winning another World 24hr Solo championship in Italy, building on my business MTBSkills, opening up the Corner Store Forrest, employing and training staff, and yes...still racing.

I turn 40 in less that 1 month and it is only my own will and desire that prevents me from getting what