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GMBC Gazebo 3hr - You Yangs 1st March 2014

05 March 2014
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Last week I found myself looking at “what did I have planned for the weekend?” only to get an email reminding me I had the Gazebo 3hr at the You Yangs on.
Mild trepidation, mild excitement mixed with the thought of knowing I was travelling to the You Yangs from Forrest (200km round trip x 2) twice this weekend.

Oh and the loop marked for the 3hr multi lap enduro was a fun one, even if the knowledge that my climbing is suboptimal at the moment.
Leaving the event centre, climbing up the friendly gradients means that you go harder and expect more, with a reward of descending Lactic and basically a fun course, just a lot of hurt for me right now.

Ok, so with that thought in my head, knowing that I have not been training just riding, I knew I needed to suffer and ride hard for 3hrs and with Bike Buller next weekend, I needed a friendly reminder of a suffer fest.

The race started in waves, A grade Men, 1 min break, then B grade men, 1 min break, then Womens category etc...
Within the first 500 mts we caught the back end of B grade men. Renata

Domestique 7Peaks Series - Mt Buller 22nd Feb

28 February 2014
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Its been a pleasure to be back on 200 mts above sea level, home in Forrest.
Spending the last 3 and a bit weeks on Mt Buller, well...lets just say a recovery ride means riding down the hill and getting a shuttle back up.

Last weekend thanks to Nth East Tourism, The Climbing Cyclist and Hells500 crew and Mt Buller Resort management a very amazing event was held at the base of the mountain.
A full road closure from Mirimbah Ticket box all the way to Mt Buller – a heavenly climb of around 15km.

What was more amazing was that this

Who is Jess Douglas? A life of learning. Chapter 1

20 February 2014
dad and me

Who is Jess Douglas?
A life of learning.

Chapter 1

When I was young, I recall the thrill of my first bike that was given to me when we lived in Bellerine Street in Geelong. It was at the beginning of my 5th year, and there were no training wheels, just a bike with my dad telling me to pedal as he hold the back of my seat.
And so I pedaled and carried momentum and rode a bike from that day forward.
I won't tell you untruths about my ability to jump gutters and do other daring stunts, rather I will admit

Time to get racing Jess! 2014 a new year.

18 February 2014
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Two weekends ago I raced one of the MTBA National rounds in the discipline of XCO.
Short 5km course at Mt Buller. I love Mt Buller, the tracks are always fun yet to race them its a tough hit out.
The XCO course included leaving the village area up a road climb, and into single track with a lot of descending for about 5 minutes. Then the rest of the course was up, up and some very steep up.

Whist the ratio or up to down did not suit my curent fitness level, I faced up to the event with the

Reflection on my year that was 2013

17 January 2014

Sounding like a broken record yet again...its been a while since my last blog entry.
Life gets away from me.
Each day is so engaging and the ease of a picture and a quick blurb on Facebook allows me to communicate in a brief moment.
Blogging on the other hand, I find once I start I can't stop.

Perhaps a little like a 24hr race, once the race starts I am on, yet moments before I am unsure, unable to imagine myself riding at 2am tomorrow morning, yet knowing that when I start time will pass and I will live to tell

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