Jess Douglas

Going back to Alice Springs - I can't wait!

02 April 2014
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Its been a few years since I last visited Alice Springs, actually it was May 2011.I had signed up to do the Ingkerreke Commercial Mountain Bike Enduro.
After winning a lovely lump sum of $5K at the World Solo 24hr Championships in Canberra of October 2010 I paid my entry and booked my flights to Alice Springs after buying a new fridge of course.

The race proved to be everything and more I had dreamt of.
Firstlty I got picked up with other riders at the airport. Nothing to organise, just get bused to our acccommodation. I had arrived with my friend Claire and we were sharing a room at Chifley Alice Springs Resort.
My memory is vague but I think we arrived Saturday so we could assemble our bikes, settle in and go for a couple of rides before race day being the Monday.

225996 10150185818721003 5286849 nAlice Springs is small enough that you are situated close riding distance to many things you need access to.
Accommodation is close to the town, close to shops, supermarkets and trails!
I had so much fun exploring on the first day and a half I almost did not want to race.

Each race day was an easy ride to the

Bendigo Golden Triangle Epic – 100km March 15th 2014

17 March 2014
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Whenever I am contemplating what to write about in a race report, I always ponder over “What did you learn about life today Jess?”
Racing for me is not just about a podium or the glory, it is far deeper than that.
I made a decision four years ago, when I won the 2010 World Solo 24hr championship in Canberra and suffered from the typical depression afterwards that there was more to life than winning.

And so I continually seek new focus and purpose for racing.

Firstly – if it ain't fun then don't do it again. Sometimes a venue or

Stage 3 – Cornhill Cranker Bike Buller MTB Festival

14 March 2014
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I find it amazing that my mind controls my body so SO very much.
Nervous very much so this morning.
For many reasons.

  1. An early start. 8:30am meaning there was no lazy getting ready this morning.

  2. That horrid climb start again, with the lap around the village roads and up the nasty steep climb beyond Arlberg to kick start the race. Would I be able to get into single track before it got congested.

  3. I really wanted to do well today and absolutely feared the pain I would be in for just over 1.5hrs. This is a XC style pace and this

Day 2 – Stage 2 Mavic Crossmax Enduro at Bike Buller MTB Festival 2014.

09 March 2014
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Day 2 – Stage 2 Mavic Crossmax Enduro at Bike Buller MTB Festival 2014.

After yesterdays hassles on the bike, today was going to be good!
I still felt fresh, had a good nights sleep, feeling happy and bike was all good to go.
Todays format is a multi lap xc style enduro with a bit of a downhill twist using the best bits of Copperhead and the Chairlift back to top.
You can do 3 really awesome laps and thats all if you like and then start to fang it down to Mirimbah for the final “super D” style run.
In the end

Bike Buller MTB Festival - March 2014, Stage 1

08 March 2014
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Sitting in the luxury of a bed, blankets on, pillow propped up on my back, mineral water by my side and freshly showered...todays race is already a blur – as I knew it would become.

I am at Bike Buller MTB Festival 2014.
Day 1, Stage 1.  50km Marathon 

I have been doing this event since 2009 and no matter what happens on a given day during this event, I still love it year after year.
It seems I have a good year, then a not so good year, and so on...
This year I will admit my greatest fear is my