Training for Scott and Kona - hurt box time!

03 October 2008
Calum, Jess, Adam and Norm

...since the last time I wrote, I have been perpetually busy.

We had our course at You Yangs and had a great day.  The weather held out ok and I know my group worked really hard on all the climbs and descents we tackled.

After the skills course we held our RDS skills session on the Link Track in the uphill version.  Some falls of course occured, but who would have guessed that on our way back to the car park that our mate "lacey Knickers" would have an O.T.H(over the handlebars) incident on one of those stupid jumps, that simulate a

New life - is it a sign!?

07 October 2008

Since moving to Forrest we have embraced a sort of semi rural lifestyle, mostly hanging out with feathered fowl and becoming attached to certain bantoms.

Norm formed a bond with Sylvia his fave chick.  Unfortunately, Turkey Turkey attacked her and caused her horrible death.  Norm was devastated.

This lead to Matt (Matt the Smoothie Peddler) taking his Turkey Turkey back to his house and leaving the girl Turkey Turkey back with us.  Since then she has been diligently sitting on her hopefully fertile eggs. 


PhotobucketHowever...2 of our chooks have been brooding for a while now.  For the 2nd time this

2 Weeks In Bright

06 November 2008
bright boot camp

  bright bootcamp

As I write this I am up to day 10 in Bright.  Norm and Saskia arrived from Forrest last night around 10pm.

Here is what I have been up to:....

Monday last week(29th Oct?) I drove up from Forrest to Bright, not well at all.  I had to stop driving every hour or so and sleep and recover.  It was a very tough drive and the minute I got here I went to bed in my motel room.

Poor Jeff had to deal with me being bedridden all day, so he went and rode up Mt Buffalo by himself. 

My year of racing coming to an end- YAY!

27 November 2008

Since the Gravity 12 hour, it has been hard to train.  Really busy with MTB Skills, life in general and other responsibilities.  Really looking forward to doing some fun social rides JFK(just for kicks).

Have sustained a graze that is pretty sore due to a high speed crash on the weekend too.  Very timely.(NOT!)

Really looking forward to racing the Kona 24 hour on home turf too.  Its sort of relaxing knowing all I have to do is ride for 24 hours and ride the trails I know so well.  I have been deliberatly NOT riding them much as I

Kona 24 Hour MTB case you were wondering???

02 December 2008

Just in case you were wondering… 

Kona 24 hour – Forrest – 29/30th November 2008


The aftermath of doing a 24 hour race SOLO is bad enough, but add in your own personal decision to lose a race you could have won…well then the pain is double.

A race I could have won so very easily was lost so very easily. 

I want to tell you all that the first 12 hours were awesome. I had so much fun and was really in great spirits the whole time, talking to people, singing and eating quite well.

I also want