Jess Douglas

More Sun, Less Rain...Beechworth 6hr

04 September 2014
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Even though its just gone Spring, the wintery days are still here and I really don't mind.

August 2014 has geniunely been good to me.

Instead of training indoors and getting cranky at doing so I spent my days working in the morning, hopping on my hardtail in the afternoon and riding into the twilight clocking up 2-300km of riding outdoors mostly on gravel roads.

A few road races on weekends with Colac, Geelong, Ballarat and the Colac Vets ending with a trip to Beechworth for the Six Hours in the Saddle mountain bike enduro.

I had been so good all winter, I rewarded myself with the purchase of a 2015 Liv Brava SLR 2 CX bike.

 In amongst all this fun riding and training and racing Norm and I even managed 3 days at Mt Buller skiing, which neither of us had done in nearly 15 years.

10338700 10152290560441003 3849640349042230102 nMy training regime of climbing 1000mts or so a day was working a treat, racing on the weekend in shorter road races and then I had the MEGA week.

Ride, ride, ride, Race, Race, ride and then on the Monday after a week full of kms and climbing and intensity, I topped

Liv & Love Winter riding

08 August 2014
mornings in forrest

Its right in the height of winter, the days are cold, often raining sometime throughout, sometimes frosted so cold overnight I've been waking up with the fog of cold breath sneaking up from under my doona.
We have even had snow down here in the Otways.

The mornings have often been filled with magic, winter is, if you choose to embrace it, a time of the year when all your senses are alive. You can smell the air, you can certainly feel the freshness, the sight of frost or low clouds creates a sense of comfort and I am tasting a

This takes guts...

31 July 2014

I was only telling someone today about my daily relationship with depression.

If you were to ask me how long have I have been living with this...I can remember many daily suicidal thoughts, wishing that night I would go to bed and somehow be taken away to a better place and never wake up to face the world the next day. Maybe if I was honest, I can remember these prayers to God being spoken from my heart from as early as 9 or 10.

I was never granted my painless departure and instead was given many challenges and a

Sunny Nth Queensland

24 July 2014
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Another 10 weeks gone....well since I last updated my blog.

I have been silly busy with work related stuff, making life happen and planning for the next crazy episode of racing, skills courses, shop openings and preparing for the Forrest Festival and Chase the Dog.
So apart from the stupid business of filling my days with planning and getting stuff done I have been so blessed with travels to warm weather locations! 

Victoria is a beautiful state to live in, the Otways are even more amazing and my home town of Forrest is paradise...there are a few weeks of the year

Ingkerreke Commercial Mountain Bike Enduro - Alice Springs

27 May 2014
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As seems to happen in my life wonderful opportunities pop up that I just cannot say no to.

The most challenging part of this is to coordinate my time, with my businesses, work commitments and of course making sure Norm can be a part of it too.
We don't actually take “holidays”, instead mixing opportunities with our work so when we travel to a place like Alice Springs its about what we can do for the community to add value and give back what is so readily given to us.

Coming to Alice Springs for the ICME, Norm knew he did