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26 August 2012
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August has been pretty crazy.
I can't believe I am still here, with energy and managing to rock up to races, have fun, do my job of being there and then able to knock up a win!

After coming back from the Jet Black Rocky Trail Entertainment 12hr in Sydney, Norm and I got stuck straight into work again.
Meeting our MTBSkills crew at the Melbourne aiport and the rest in the city we hung around for pics, checking out the Giant 2013 range at Zinc in the city, coffee, hot chocolates, and delish Melbourne winter sunshine.  

A great day, great

My Artistic energy returns...and some race form...

12 August 2012

Since winning the WEMBO SOLO World 24hr Championships in Italy back in May, its been a while since my energy has been in the zone to update my blog.

After coming back to reality, returning to Australia, a heap of work and responsibility its also been hard to muster the desire to train with the outcome of improvement in speed power etc...

Being a person very much in need of intrinsic motivation, I find that when I am in a place that saps the creative energy that drives me I HAVE to just chill, get back to a happy place,

Success is never as easy as it may seem. - Chapter 4

31 May 2012


With daylight comes renewed energy & excitement that the race is coming to a close.

I still find it hard to believe that I just kept pedaling and here I am...nearly 20 hours later still riding.

I always say to myself and openly share the simplicity of this thought: “A day will pass regardless of how you manage it, the sun sets and rises with no thought about us and our actions. How we use this day is up to us so use it with NO regrets, savour every moment and be present in the moment. Use this day

I love the night...Chapter 3

27 May 2012

After I had secured that little 2 minute buffer, Rickie and I continued to battle but this time alone, knowing inately that we had to ride everything as the other person would be doing this too. Precious seconds turning into minutes would be lost or perhaps gained if we could ride everything on every part of the trail.

There were sections such as the long grind with loose dirt on the hurty ½ of the lap where I promised myself to ride this beyond midnight, my first walking lap was 1:00am and after that I rode it the next 3

The first 6hrs...a race in itself. Chapter 2

26 May 2012


After Ricky & I settled into our race, we lapped together, sometimes I would be at the front sometimes she would.

As I would come through transition, I would always take a few moments to pick up food or drink, it seemed that Ricky would gain about 20-30 seconds in this time. I never worried about it, as I would be on her wheel before long keeping my same pace. I was very concious of expending more energy than I needed. Patience. Not to worry at all – let Ricky do her thing knowing that I had a plan

World 24hr Solo Champs - Finale Ligure - Race start. Chapter 1

24 May 2012
race start


Where to start?
What do my readers want to know?
What can I tell you that you dont know already?
Perhaps I write a story “documentry style” - a blow by blow account of the race?

Here goes...

Chapter 1 – Before the race.

We arrived at the race village around 10:30am, the race started at 1pm.
It was cold, about 18 degrees with light drizzle, which I did not mind at all.
I spent the next hour visiting the portaloos – there goes 2kg!

I then got started on warming up the mind, preparing the body and getting some liquid carbs in, Torq recovery