Forrest Festival Dec 1st & 2nd 2012

05 December 2012
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The 2nd Forrest Festival...same same but different!

2012 has been a mega year for me. Personally in so many ways.

Norm and I have been so busy with working, and me ...well I have been hanging on desperately to my former Elite MTB rider self and suprising myself along the way with what little training I can get away with and still achieve some decent results, and I am nearly 40!

This year, 2012, was our 2nd year of running the Forrest Festival.

We extended the Stage 1 to include 2 more climbs and about 4km extra.

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Forrest for the Trees...

19 October 2012
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If I had myself a studio set up – ready to paint, I would create a canvas full of colour, texture and emotion. Happy colours mingled with passion and urgency of sorts.

I know I will create again, some day the mean time I have my words in my heart and my fingers on my keyboard.

Often I do not write my blog as there is nothing to say...I have not reached an epiphany or suffered adversity or just experienced life in its finest moments.

Today however, I experienced that clarity I search for in my days. The strong

September 2012

03 October 2012
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 Oh dear...It's always hard writing the blog when I have been slack.

It's a little bit like exercise or training of some sort. Small chunks are better than trying to do a months work in one hour! I should know!

Since writing last time, way back in August, Norm and I have been back to Cairns for our MTBSkills Cairns Launch with William. We have been to Halls Gap for a mini holiday. We also went to Adelaide to do our South Australia MTBSkills launch. Not to mention really getting stuck into preparing and planning for the opening of The

Racing Racing Racing...and travel travel travel

26 August 2012
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August has been pretty crazy.
I can't believe I am still here, with energy and managing to rock up to races, have fun, do my job of being there and then able to knock up a win!

After coming back from the Jet Black Rocky Trail Entertainment 12hr in Sydney, Norm and I got stuck straight into work again.
Meeting our MTBSkills crew at the Melbourne aiport and the rest in the city we hung around for pics, checking out the Giant 2013 range at Zinc in the city, coffee, hot chocolates, and delish Melbourne winter sunshine.  

A great day, great

My Artistic energy returns...and some race form...

12 August 2012

Since winning the WEMBO SOLO World 24hr Championships in Italy back in May, its been a while since my energy has been in the zone to update my blog.

After coming back to reality, returning to Australia, a heap of work and responsibility its also been hard to muster the desire to train with the outcome of improvement in speed power etc...

Being a person very much in need of intrinsic motivation, I find that when I am in a place that saps the creative energy that drives me I HAVE to just chill, get back to a happy place,

Success is never as easy as it may seem. - Chapter 4

31 May 2012


With daylight comes renewed energy & excitement that the race is coming to a close.

I still find it hard to believe that I just kept pedaling and here I am...nearly 20 hours later still riding.

I always say to myself and openly share the simplicity of this thought: “A day will pass regardless of how you manage it, the sun sets and rises with no thought about us and our actions. How we use this day is up to us so use it with NO regrets, savour every moment and be present in the moment. Use this day